Rats | Boise, ID and metro area

How Big Can House Rats Get?

House rats tend to be covered in short light brown, gray or black hair. Their ears and tails may also have hair, but there will be a lot less compared to the rest of their bodies. Adult rats will weigh about two pounds and may grow to around 11 inches from their nose to the tip of their tail.

Where Do House rats Typically Nest?

The typical rat will make its home in a grassy, wooded area that is dark and protected from harsh elements. These nests will always be close to a food source. Since rats are naturally curious, they enjoy spending their day roaming and exploring their territory. Though rats prefer to eat nuts, seeds and other rats they will feed on almost anything that is available to them. These pests are not known to hibernate, but they will begin to search out warmer places to live - such as our homes during cold seasons.

How Often Do rats Reproduce?

Rats are known to reproduce quickly. In an average year alone, a female rat could produce upwards of 8 litters with an average of six pups per litter.

What Are The Signs of a rat Infestation?

There are various signs that will indicate you have a rat infestation on your hands. Rats are most active in the evening, so you may begin to spot them scurrying from their hiding place and close to walls. Also, you may notice droppings the size of large pellets around your home. More often than not, homeowners believe these large pellets are from cockroaches or fly egg sacks. However, mouse pellets will have hair embedded in them from grooming. Last but not least, many homeowners report hearing noises associated with gnawing and chewing late at night when it is dark and quiet.


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