Solving Pest Problems for Boise Business Owners

For most businesses, pests are far more than a simple nuisance. They can damage your business’s reputation, endanger your customers and employees, impact sales, and cost you a lot of money in lost revenue. Don’t let that be your fate. EcoCity Pest Control can get your problems under control quickly and effectively. We guarantee our work, and we won’t stop until you have peace of mind and protection from 

Our Commercial Pest Control Process


Before we perform any service, we’ll visit your business location to talk with you about your concerns and perform an in-depth inspection. We’ll inspect both the exterior and interior, looking for pest activity, entry points, areas of harborage, and conducive conditions. With that information in hand, we’ll develop a pest control plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Initial Service

During your initial service visit, we’ll begin the treatment plan we developed during the inspection phase. Since we customize the plan to your business, treatment methods may vary. Anything we place on the property, such as baits, traps, rodent stations, and more, will be documented on a blueprint map. We also keep careful documentation of everything we do during any treatment for your records.


Our follow-up visits will carry on the pest control plan we developed for your business. By performing follow-up treatments regularly, we ensure that no pests return to your facility. You can schedule follow-ups on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. As with the initial service, we document all treatments for your records.



A pest infestation is a disaster for a restaurant. From making customers ill to destroying your reputation, no good can come of it. Keep pests out with the help of EcoCity Pest Control.



No matter what you store in your warehouse, pests can find a way to destroy the inventory inside. Protect your goods by partnering with EcoCity Pest Control.



The tenants in your office buildings or apartment complexes expect you to keep your properties pest-free. EcoCity Pest Control can make that happen.



The health of your patients can already be fragile, and a pest infestation can cause further harm. Protect your patients by partnering with EcoCity Pest Control